Experience a World of Flavors

Distal Provisions is the culmination of an 18-year cooking relationship between


Chefs Eric White and Ryan Hembree


Their combined culinary passion is presented in this unparalleled menu — available only at Capitol Bar in NW Boise — featuring succulent smoked and cured meats, pickled relishes,  award-winning burgers and innovative approaches to cuisines from numerous regions around the world.  


Distal Provisions will delight and challenge your palate, always rewarding your breadbasket with warm contentment.


Eric White


Ryan Hembree


Friends & Family

The food we make is for friends and family. This is why we’ve decided to serve our menu in a comfortable and casual manner, no pretensions here, no white tablecloths, just good food and drink. Come as you are and be welcomed into our family.


Get a drink (bourbon is our favorite — wink, wink), unplug from the outside world, be adventurous, eat slow, have good conversation and above all, enjoy yourselves.



Cure + Smoke

Slow and low is the rule at Distal Provisions. High quality pork, beef, turkey and chicken are painstakingly looked after as the smoke from our Traeger slowly seeps into the meat. Flavor is king and you, our guests, are the beneficiaries. Enjoy dishes featuring our own brand of tasso, bourbon bacon, smoked turkey, cured salmon and whatever unique surprises the chefs are cooking up each week.


Global Flavors

The world needs to eat, and they do. In every corner of the globe, there are culinary traditions that help define culture and identity.

It is Distal Provisions mission to import the foods from different cultures to Boise, offering some of the most thoughtfully-crafted food in Idaho.

From Argentina to Seoul, Louisville to Tokyo, and New Orleans to Anchorage, the food of Distal Provisions is made true-to-form, in-house, handmade and perfect. 



Distal Provisions and Capitol Bar run an inventive, flexible and professional Catering & Mobile Bar Service for parties grandiose or intimate.
Please visit thecapbar.com/catering for more information or to request a quote, or call us at 208.576.4669

6100 State St., Boise, ID 83703 at Capitol Bar

KITCHEN HOURS : 3-10 PM Mon.-Sat. • 2-8 PM Sun